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Cooling Homemade Popsicles for summer BE COOL AND ENERGIZED WITH THESE Summer COOL POPSICLE / ICE POPS • GREEN TEA & MUSKMELON CANDY YOU WILL REQUIRE o Ginger – 1 inch piece peeled & sliced o Muskmelon- 1 Cup Pureed o Coconut water – ½ Cup o Water – 2 Cups o Green tea bags -2 no. o Honey-2 Tbsp o Lime juice -4 tsp Method o Boil ginger with 2 cups of water o Remove from heat & add green tea bags, steep for 3 mins o Mix honey, limen juice, pureed muskmelon & coconut water o Add to the tea mix & freeze for 6 hrs in stick candy molds • MANGO ELICHI CANDY YOU WILL REQUIRE o Mango – 1 ½ cup chopped o Elichi/Cardamom powder-2tsp o Sugar- 2Tbsp o Ice cubes -15 no. Method o Blend all the above ingredients until smooth o Place in a stick mould and freeze for 2hrs. Enjoy the ice pops in comfort of your home and made at home by you.. Priyanka Khandelwal’s Diet Planet – the Online Diet Clinic/Diet plan is just a Click away to help you!!! I am happy to address any Q’s you may have to lead a healthy lifestyle!!!
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