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GOODNESS OF VIRGIN COCONUT OIL (VCO) What is VCO – VCO is soothing oil with natural aroma of coconut. It has the nutrient profile of medium chain fatty acids only. Interestingly, VCO is made from coconut milk, around 25 coconuts will yield 750- 1 liter of CVO…….. Wahoo….I never knew that. And, 1 coconut tree can produce up to 100 coconuts in a year. Now you can guess why VCO is costly compared to any normal branded Coconut Oil products available on shelf in market. Unrefined coconut oil is medium chain fatty acid (MCT) oil with innumerable health benefits. It’s one of the best oil to cook Indian cuisines as it can be used at high temperature without forming any toxins which create physiological stress in the cells of the body. SOME MAJOR BENEFITS  Major source of Lauric acid-Immune boosting power as good as mother’s milk  Trans free & Cholesterol free  One of the best massage oil for Kids and senior people. Good natural aroma.  Good for Skin , Hair and Beauty  Helps to reduce heart disease risk  Helps to reduce Obesity or Belly Fat- Acts on improving BMR (Basal metabolic rate) of the body as it has thermogenic and MCT properties  Protects skin from Bacterial Infections  Helps in treatment of Hypothyroidism  Helps in improving Sport Performance or Gym Workout Thus called as - “Mother of all Oils”  TIP OF THE DAY - In ½ cup of black coffee add ½ spoon of VCO to improve your fat loss or improve your performance at the gym or any sport - Just have 1 spoon of it empty stomach 1st thing in the morning for best of health, hair and skin. - Never reuse the oil used for frying. Priyanka Khandelwal’s Diet Planet – the Online Diet Clinic is just a Click away to help you!!! I like to be poked on my Clinic fb page  I am happy to help answer any Q’s you may have to lead a healthy lifestyle!!!
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