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Advise on use and purchase of Nutrition and Health technology products INR   2000 INR  2000

Advise on use and purchase of Nutrition and Health technology products

Dietician Priyanka has extensive knowledge and years of hands on experience with wide range and use of nutrition and health tech. products. She shares Practical, Possible and Personalized Guidance on logical and rationale use of Quality products in economical manner for short term and long term use to suit your lifestyle. Diet Planet is authorized dealer in providing you genuine, quality, tried and tested performing products. The products are hand picked by Dt. Priyanka after checking their effects and verifying into the information shared by the company. The Clinic partners only with reputed quality products offering companies to share with you a wide range of products, technology, and right information on use and desired effects. Dietician Priyanka prefers and suggests use of organic, high quality and performing Nutrition products which should be essentially non habbit forming and comfortable on cost to consumer. The Clinic takes efforts for special price negotiation with companies in nutrition and health devices business. This assures Clinic’s Clientage receives genuine products at good discounted rates less than Online seller prices. If you have any Q’s regarding what is a useful product combination for you, or looking for unbiased consultation to overcome your hesitation for first time use of products and its long terms inclusion in your lifestyle then leave a query in my website and I will get in touch with you.

INR 2000 INR 2000


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Family Diet and Lifestyle assessment and guidance plans INR   4000 INR  4000

Family Diet and Lifestyle assessment and guidance plans

Household/ family knowledge and information about good nutrition is an important tool to overcome the challenges and secure good nutrition needs for a family. A combination of modern contemporary approach with traditional grandmothered wisdom of kitchen knowledge work well in today’s time. I will help you understand, learn and follow the right way for including healthy habits which benefits you in future. Benefit from expert, practical and personalized guidance on logical and rationale use of Quality Nutrition Products in economical manner. Anxiety and stress management diet plans, and health coaching. And, any other customized requirements for diet plans and health coaching

INR 4000 INR 4000


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