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Weight Gain Program INR   2000 INR  2000

Weight Gain Program

Do you wish to put up a few extra kilos, and wish to look in mirror and say I’m impressed ? Yes, Diet Planet will help you gain those extra kilos to fulfill your wish to achieve your weight gain and beauty goals which contribute’s to your beauty and personality upliftment. You know, everything in our body is protein except bones ! So, the clear aim is healthy and, long lasting weight gain by increase in weight of muscle mass and not fat mass to ensure good health. This package involves a weight gain program method through the choice of right foods and exercise. This diet plan is a month long service with a unique concept of Total Fitness Program including diet consultation & personalised plan created for you. This service will benefit both Normal Individual’s and, patients. To know more about how things will work for you, share your enquiry in website and I will get in touch with you soon !

INR 2000 INR 2000


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