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Understanding “The Nutrient, Anti- nutrient Connection” for your Healthy Living In today’s time we are well aware of so many un-natural changes being done to Mother Nature. Increasing industrialization, expanding lifestyle needs and increasing population are taking a toll on Nature. Just to emphasize and make it a point I am sharing a simple example here: The increasing population is resulting in decreased number of trees per person. You can imagine the quality of air and climate you have the access to from the spoilt free of cost natural resources. So what? This bad quality of substances which we get from nature act as Anti-Nutrient. There are many activities like fuel combustion, construction, mining, accumulation of non-biodegradabable wastes which are providing us an increasing supply of Anti-Nutrients. These Anti-Nutrient things and acts work negatively on your Wellness or Health and suppress the +ve effects of Nutrient, but How? Throughout life our body tries to support and strike a balance between Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients acts and substances to perform, deliver and keep you moving and going, Right ?. But when the impact of Anti Nutrient acts overweigh the Nutrient effects the body systems fall into risk of inflammatory or degenerative lifestyle diseases or toxic conditions and becomes exposed to low life conditions or catches diseases easily. First, let us see some common anti-nutrients in our lives. The Anti Nutrients : • Pollution and toxins we inhale drink and eat from Natural resources like air, water and soil. • Consumption of un-natural /processed foods like refined sugars, Junk food/ processed foods, artificial colors and flavors and preservatives • Individual’s / family lack of understanding on food nutrition basics, and not able to complete the daily dose of diet?? • Inappropriate lifestyle habbits from childhood, which are not contributing to maintain wellness • Lack of Sleep • Sedentary and less social lifestyle • Stress and troubled relationships • Lack of positive mental attitude • Chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals used in agricultural produce and storage. Well now you can easily figure out the list of Nutrient things, acts and factors which can contribute to your Wellness and Healthy Living. To list a few see below: • Clean, appropriate quality and adequate water intake • Importance of exercising , meditation, breathing techniques in daily life • Understanding and completing a balanced and nutritious diet • Leisure, hobby or recreational activities or anything you feel happy doing • Appropriate sleep hours and sleeping quality and timing • Maintain basic kitchen garden • Have more of less processed, organic and alkaline foods • Addition of super foods to daily eating regime • Understanding rationale and use of quality and, organic Nutritional supplements • Try to have local and seasonal food stuffs available and, avoid cold storage food • Keep your eating habits to your roots as in what you ate as daily food in your child hood Sadly it is difficult to change the environment we live in. But, yes we can do a bit by planting/ donating trees, a shift in mindset to leave positive impact on nature by waste management etc... One should try to understand and, always think of ways to mitigate the risks posed by Anti-Nutrients through proper Diet, Nutrition and Wellness training. Since, everybody’s environment and lifestyle challenges are different, the personalized plans and training requirements can be helped by an expert Nutrition and Wellness coach consultation. I like to be poked on my Clinic fb page, please feel free to ask anything to help support your wellness and desired health goals.
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