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_*HAPPY NAVRATRE*_ Day -3 - Diet Plan and 1 Recipe to try Hope you are able to follow my diet plans for Navratri. Samo Rice Dosa Ingredients: - 1 Cup Samo Rice (Bhagar) - 3 medium boiled Potatoes - 3 Tbsp peanut powder (Moongphali churaa) - ½ Tbsp chopped Green Chillies - 2 tbsp chopped Coriander leaves - ¼ Tps Cumin powder - Rock Salt to taste (Sendha Namak) - Water as required - For Peanut Curd Chutney - ¼cup Coriander leaves - ¼ Cup Curd - 2 Tbsp crushed Coconut - 3 Tbsp Peanut powder - 2 Green Chillies - Rock Salt to taste Steps to prepare Dosa: - In a bowl, take samo rice, wash it twice or thrice and soak it for 2 hours. After the rice has been soaked, drain the excess water. - Now add samo rice with all other ingredients in the mixer grinder and make a smooth paste by adding required quantity of water in it. - Heat a non-stick pan, sprinkle some water on the pan and wipe it off with a cotton cloth. - Pour a spoonful of the samo dosa batter on pan and spread it in a circular motion to make a thin circle. Apply a little oil or ghee over it and cook on a high flame till the dosa turns brown in color and crisp. - Fold over to make a semi-circle or a roll. Serve hot with peanut curd chutney. For peanut curd chutney: - Add all the ingredients together in the mixer grinder and blend it till well incorporated and smooth. My Tip: - The samo rice dosa batter will be of same consistency as normal dosa batter
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_*HAPPY NAVRATRE*_ Day -2 - Diet Plan and 1 Recipe to try Kuttu Kaddu ke roti Ingredients: - Kuttu flour – 100 gm (+ some dry flour) - Pumpkin /Kaddu – 1 cup (boiled and peeled) - Sendha namak – as per taste - Green chili – 1 (chopped) - Ginger – 1 inch piece (chopped) - Water – as required - Oil – to make chapatti Steps to prepare Roti: - First of all, take boil pumpkin and mash in a bowl. - Now add flour, salt, green chili, and ginger. - Mix dough and then add water if required to make a firm dough. - Divide the dough into 5 parts and then with help of rolling pin and dry flour and cellophane make chapatti. - Now heat flat pan or tawa and place one by one on tawa and apply oil both the sides. - Cook till brown from both sides
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***HAPPY NAVRATRE*** The time has come again when when we eagerly await to wellcome _*Divine Devi Maa*_ who blesses us with good Health, Wealth and Prosperity. _*I will be sharing you the 9 Days Sattvik Diet Plan which helps us collecting SATTVA to press a refresh button on mind, soul and body energy levels.*_ *If you like it please share it for benefit of others . Day -1 Navratri Batata Vada Ingredients: For Potato mixture: - 2 cups boiled, peeled, mashed Potatoes - 1 tablespoon Peanut Oil+ more for deep frying - ½ teaspoon Cumin seeds - 1-2 Green chilies, chopped finely - Rock Salt to taste - Black Pepper powder to taste - 1 teaspoon Lemon juice For the batter: - 1/2 cup Singhare ka Atta - 1/2 cup rajgira ka Atta - Rock Salt to taste - Black Pepper powder to taste - ¼ to ⅓ cup Water or as required Steps to prepare Vada: - Heat the oil in a pan on medium heat. Once hot add cumin seeds and let them sizzle. - Add chopped green chili and saute for 20 seconds. - Add mashed potatoes, salt, black pepper powder. - Mix well. Cook till the potatoes get heated through. Finally add lemon juice, mix. - Remove and cool. - Make a batter with the singhare and rajgira ka atta, salt, pepper in a bowl adding a little water a time to make a smooth batter. Batter should be not too thick not too thin. - Divide the potato mixture into 10 equal portions and shape them into round, smooth ball. - Heat the oil in pan for deep frying on medium-high heat. - Oil should be hot enough. - Gently and carefully drop batter coated ball into the oil. Do not disturb the vada for at least 1 minute after adding in the oil. Deep fry it till it is golden brown from all the sides. - Flip them or move around for even browning. - Once browned and fried from all the sides, remove it to the paper towel lined plate using slotted spatula. - Serve warm My Tip: We can use samak flour also.
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Understanding “The Nutrient, Anti- nutrient Connection” for your Healthy Living In today’s time we are well aware of so many un-natural changes being done to Mother Nature. Increasing industrialization, expanding lifestyle needs and increasing population are taking a toll on Nature. Just to emphasize and make it a point I am sharing a simple example here: The increasing population is resulting in decreased number of trees per person. You can imagine the quality of air and climate you have the access to from the spoilt free of cost natural resources. So what? This bad quality of substances which we get from nature act as Anti-Nutrient. There are many activities like fuel combustion, construction, mining, accumulation of non-biodegradabable wastes which are providing us an increasing supply of Anti-Nutrients. These Anti-Nutrient things and acts work negatively on your Wellness or Health and suppress the +ve effects of Nutrient, but How? Throughout life our body tries to support and strike a balance between Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients acts and substances to perform, deliver and keep you moving and going, Right ?. But when the impact of Anti Nutrient acts overweigh the Nutrient effects the body systems fall into risk of inflammatory or degenerative lifestyle diseases or toxic conditions and becomes exposed to low life conditions or catches diseases easily. First, let us see some common anti-nutrients in our lives. The Anti Nutrients : • Pollution and toxins we inhale drink and eat from Natural resources like air, water and soil. • Consumption of un-natural /processed foods like refined sugars, Junk food/ processed foods, artificial colors and flavors and preservatives • Individual’s / family lack of understanding on food nutrition basics, and not able to complete the daily dose of diet?? • Inappropriate lifestyle habbits from childhood, which are not contributing to maintain wellness • Lack of Sleep • Sedentary and less social lifestyle • Stress and troubled relationships • Lack of positive mental attitude • Chemical fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides and other chemicals used in agricultural produce and storage. Well now you can easily figure out the list of Nutrient things, acts and factors which can contribute to your Wellness and Healthy Living. To list a few see below: • Clean, appropriate quality and adequate water intake • Importance of exercising , meditation, breathing techniques in daily life • Understanding and completing a balanced and nutritious diet • Leisure, hobby or recreational activities or anything you feel happy doing • Appropriate sleep hours and sleeping quality and timing • Maintain basic kitchen garden • Have more of less processed, organic and alkaline foods • Addition of super foods to daily eating regime • Understanding rationale and use of quality and, organic Nutritional supplements • Try to have local and seasonal food stuffs available and, avoid cold storage food • Keep your eating habits to your roots as in what you ate as daily food in your child hood Sadly it is difficult to change the environment we live in. But, yes we can do a bit by planting/ donating trees, a shift in mindset to leave positive impact on nature by waste management etc... One should try to understand and, always think of ways to mitigate the risks posed by Anti-Nutrients through proper Diet, Nutrition and Wellness training. Since, everybody’s environment and lifestyle challenges are different, the personalized plans and training requirements can be helped by an expert Nutrition and Wellness coach consultation. I like to be poked on my Clinic fb page, please feel free to ask anything to help support your wellness and desired health goals.
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Weight loss is a process not a quick fix ............Any change needs time from lean to fat .......and again from fat to lean................we need to put in efforts to see the good change in health . Easy to follow diet plans and health coaching to maintain motivation which allows you to achieving results steadily in a planned manner. Practical diets near to your lifestyle, cultural eating habits. No frills , no thrills. Affordable diet consultation and diet charts makes it easy at your out of pocket spending. Health is real wealth, take a decision for you. Fulfill your wish for: 🔴 Balanced Nutritional needs 🔵 Maintaining healthy body weight 🔶 Feeling of Optimal Health State 🔷 Learn Right, become Empowered 💛 Reduced Stress levels 💚 Sense of satisfaction and completeness in Life 💙 +ve, excited, motivated and energetic life - Improve your sports performance and endurance - Improve stamina ❤ Good Body Image DIET PLANET is helping people treat their body well, and not only the disease. The online clinic facility works well for all Indian population and those settled abroad. It helps saves your time and money travelling distances to consult an expert professional dietician. You save yourself standing and waiting in queues. For face to face consultation meet at my Clinic at sector 5 gurgaon visit website I am happy to address any Q’s you may have. Priyanka Khandelwal’s Diet Planet – the Online Diet Clinic is just a Click away to help you !!!