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Why, What and How about proteins ? Get your all queries answered by Professional Dietician. In simple language and with many years of practicing experience I can say that protein in daily diet is important for all age groups, genders. A key take away message for all – our body i.e. skin, hair, nails, organs, muscles etc.. are all protein except the BONES. Realise and understand this fact to shape and plan your healthy plate or well balanced daily diet. Proteins gives support, maintenance and healing to several constantly going vital body processes, physiological processes, growth, repair and building body. To make it a point our body has a fuel tank fitted in it like a car, we can call this as Nutrition Tank. Lets discuss an example to make it easy - a car has a fuel tank fitted in it. Fuel quantity and quality is important factor to realize good performance and mileage by machine. Same way our body is fitted with Nutrition Tank, if you fuel it the right quality and quantity it performs well and, you realize an excited and energetic feeling being in Optimal Health State. But, with busy life schedule we hardly get anytime to fuel our body’s nutrition tank with good quality and quantity fuel or “Nutritious Diet” in this context. So our body becomes less energetic, feels less excited and starts ageing quickly. Its also not possible for everybody to eat right, eat hard. And, thus protein powders can help you in this situation to manage the gap. Marketplace is full of broad range of protein supplements or products and its difficult to select a few quality and affordable products to solve the purpose for lifetime. A Dietician help is prudent in understanding quality and basic requirements in selecting products to plan a long way in performing and affordable manner. Protein in diet is becoming more and more challenging for vegetarians and non vegetarians population considering availability of low quality and sick poultry or meat products available in market. Diet Planet has helped many with diet consultations and personalised diet plans for planning a nutritious well balanced daily diet and special diet for lactose intolerance in adults and children. Diet Planet's online clinic facility works well for all Indian style diet with worldwide reach. It helps saves your time and money travelling distances to consult an expert professional Dietician. While you also save yourself standing and waiting in queues. For face to face consultation meet at my diet clinic in gurgaon.
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