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Priyanka Khandelwal is a professional Dietician and Nutritionist with PGD in Sports Nutrition and, a qualified Certified Diabetes Educator and food service management with more than 12 years of experience. Dietician Priyanka Khandelwal offers Online Diet consultations and Fitness programs from her Clinic – DIET PLANET. Online Clinic facility serves people worldwide and it helps save time, effort, and money to get a consultation from an expert Diet and Nutrition professional.

Priyanka’s fitness Mantra is - Keeping Good Health is an Asset for Lifetime !!!

Strong Team

It’s important that team members i.e. Individual / Patient and Health Coach understand the goal they’re working toward, so everyone is moving! It maintains high performance and track

Advanced technology

Healthcare professionals and specially Dieticians need to embrace technology to help their Client engaged, motivate and empower patients to improve their health in the healthcare setting.

Years of experience

Priyanka Khandelwal is a Dietician and Nutritionist with more than 12 years of experience giving consultations, treatments, and programs for all ages and ailments. Diet Planet is a Family Diet Clinic and people from all over the world visit and get benefitted.

We are available

In case of an emergency, we will serve you in any time possible. To know more about how things will work for you, share your enquiry through this website or ping on whats app +91-81301-36350

Consultation way

Hospitals are challenged by a stressful environment, waiting in queues and emergency situations and, a normal person would not wish or wants to visit the really until he is in ‘Need’. Often patients with complicated nutritional needs have to visit large hospital setups and shell out a lot of money in consultations and testings out of pocket, which is a burden and upon that visiting regularly is the greatest challenge.

Diet Planet offers smooth, convenient, and frictionless expert consultations online to meet all kinds of Fitness and Nutritional care needs at affordable costs. A New Enquiring person has all the right to know how things will work for him by having a pre-meeting discussion before deciding to go for paid consultations.

First Visit

To know more about how things will work for you, share your enquiry through this website or Call / Whats app on +91-81301-36350. I will get in touch with you soon to discuss your case and specifics. I am happy for you to ask any Q's, and help you guide with your desired health goals.

Opening Hours

Monday To Sunday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

All Face to Face and Online consultations by prior appointment only

Dietician and Nutritionist

Founder & Owner

Diet Planet


Priyanka Khandelwal

Dietician and Nutritionist

Certified Diabetes Educator, Noted Speaker and Holistic Health Coach with more than 12 years of experience

"Dieting is the only game where you win when you loose"
- Karl Lagerfeld


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