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It’s almost onset of summer and when we think of summer, there are few things which we keep ready to protect our family and ourselves from the scorching heat, tan, sunstroke, disease, etc. Many people find summer, the worst season, but friends let’s recall our childhood days and it’s the best time ever when we have created long-lasting memories. These memories could be of food, places, games, talks, friends, grandparent’s place or vacations. I still remember my grandparents and parents pushing me to drink a lot of liquids like coconut water, buttermilk, seasonal fruit juices, etc. At times, it was a bit tedious job to prepare those healthy drinks compared to modern days. Today we are lucky enough to get these drinks easily available and that too within our reach.



The “Complementary Relation” of Calcium and the Vitamin D- “The Sunshine Vitamin”

Healthy bones are essential for you to achieve a life filled with enjoyment, activity and vitality. for all of this you will require good amount of Calcium combined with good amount of Vit. D ( popularly known as the sunshine vitamin)

Without vitamin D, consuming the FDA recommended amount of Calcium will not allow our body getting enough Calcium absorbed. Only through the combination of Vit. D and Calcium the body will be able to use and uptake Calcium properly and stimulate bone growth and maintenance. Without, sufficient Calcium absorption the body begins to lose the Calcium stored in the skeletal bones thus result in weakening of bones and putting you at greater risk for osteoporosis/ weak and less density in bones.

Diabetes concept suggesting no sugar consumption


Learn about SUGAR in Nutrition, its scope and effects on your health

Chemically and in simple layman language sugar is basically simple form of carbohydrate. Sugar is basically compound known as Glucose. Its derived from various sources like sugarcane, milk, fruits etc.

This blog discusses on SUGAR in Nutrition and its effects on our day to day eating habits and, not sugar commonly known as a disease and the ways of detection of medical condition due to imbalance in blood sugar levels.

weight maintenance program


We hear various people belonging to different religions often fasts on different occasions almost every month. Fasting is considered to be one of the several ways to cleanse and keep our body well balanced both mentally and physically. Today when we mention fasting, it can refer to different ways which leads to overall health benefits. Thus it is not important to be on only food fasting for well being. Many people prefer even not to speak or utter a word for few days (Vipassana or Maun Vrat) which they feel is another way of balancing, meditating, disciplining and relaxing mind and soul that leads to some other benefits to health. It is said to be fasting is to connect more to self and to reconnect to what you believe in.



Lotus stem or Kamal kakdi, is (most of the times wrongly called as lotus root) very popular vegetable in India

This lotus stem is loaded with full of micro and macro nutrients and has some tremendous health benefits

The nutritional value of lotus stem is pretty impressive. It is rich in calcium, iron, fiber and many important minerals like zinc, manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper, etc. It is also loaded with Vitamin B, Vitamin E, vitamin K etc.

Here is brief Nutrition profile in this vegetable:

100 grams of lotus stem contains

  • Energy ~74 CALORIES ONLY.                                          
  • 17 grams of CARBOHYDRATES                  
  • 2.5 grams of PROTEIN                
  • 0.39 mg of ZINC
  • 0.261 mg of POTASSIUM
  •  0.1 grams of FAT
  • 1.16 mg of IRON
  • 5 grams of FIBER 
  • 40 mg of SODIUM
  • 44 mg of VITAMIN C  
  • 0.25 mg COPPER
  • 23 mg of MAGNESIUM 
  • 556 mg of POTASSIUM              

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    Renu Jain
    Renu Jain
    13:08 11 Apr 20
    Hi, I am Renu Jain and I live in Gurgaon. Almost a year back, I was good 94 kgs and was diagnosed with diabetes. I have... been a patient of high blood pressure and for the last 20 years I had insomnia. Seeing my overweight, many doctors called out for weight reduction. I finally decided to reduce my weight and control my diabetes and that’s how I came across Dr, Priyanka’s credentials as a dietitian on google. Dr. Priyanka studied my entire history and gave me the confidence that I will be able to reduce my weight very soon. She gave me weekly diet plans which included all the healthy things along certain wishes which helped to satisfy my craving for oily food. She also suggested me yoga to improve my sleeping problems. And within a month I was able to see the results. My weight reduced by 3 kgs and my sleeping cycle improved. I was following the diet plans suggested by Priyanka whole heartedly. And in almost 9 months I achieved 85kg weight, with my diabetes under control and and an improved sleeping cycle. I whole heartedly thank Dr. Priyanka for her right guidance in achieving all these goals.read more
    masterg sachin
    masterg sachin
    09:16 29 Mar 20
    I am native of Jhajjar city, Haryana and my father suffered head injury in a road accident, with 2 months ICU... hospitalization. The hospital Dr advised to follow a good care as my father was on PEG tube feeding. But we had no idea on how to manage his tube nutrition and avoid any further hospitalisation. I searched Dieticians online and, find out Diet Planet supporting hospitalised patients. I consulted Dietician Priyanka and she helped with a personalized plan to supply high quality nutritious diet in very less portion via tube feed. My father recovered very well from her dietary care and now he is out from life risk, its like miracle for us and Doctors. My heartfelt thanks to her to help us take out from serious condition. High quality nutrition care for critically ill patients work wonders and helps in speedy recovery and assures early hospital discharge as only Dr consultation and medicines can’t help much. With good homely care the attendants of such patients family also suffer less psychologically and financially by not losing precious time as chances of speedy recovery are high in early stages. From my journey I understood that a Dr. is not expert on diet and the hospital diet plan would not have helped much, speciality diet consultation in such case is a need for patient to help all family. I would like to highly recommend Dt. Priyanka Clinic for seriously sick or hospitalized/ discharged patients with limitation of consuming low portion diet or on tube feed. Her fees and product options given are affordable with good n helpfull knowledge sharing and caregiving. Best thing is that her consultation is available on phone call so physically visiting with patient is not really required thus it makes it very easy. Thanks to Dt. Priyanka for all her efforts ☺️read more
    Parvinder Kaur
    Parvinder Kaur
    04:58 12 Mar 20
    Diet planet's products are what I like most. Especially the protein which tastes soooo good!! I m a thyroid patient so... it's much more difficult for me to lose weight though I just wanted to lose 4 kgs only and with Priyanka's guidance I managed to lose almost 2 in one and a half month due to thyroid condition. Her diet plans are great and full of nutrition. And She always takes personal interest in client's progress. Thanks!read more
    sunaina mamgain
    sunaina mamgain
    03:08 18 Feb 20
    The day was passing usual when a call changed it all. I got to know that my mom was diagnosed with Advance Breast... Cancer. With no ifs and buts I packed my bags and came back home from Pune to Moradabad, U.P. ...We went to doctors and got the therapy started. One day my friend told me about the benefits of Diet and thus I consulted Dietician Priyanka for it. The major problem my mom was facing were of the sleepless night. When I discussed it with Dietician Priyanka she suggested me to try detox foot patches. We started using them and my mom now have touch wood sound sleep...Its easy for me to connect, share and get situation sought even on calls.. All I can say is My mom is getting better with each passing day by grace of god, medicines and Dietician Priyanka support. DIET PLANET offers good range of services and proves to be a Good Online Clinic. writer: anonymousread more
    priyanka mehrotra
    priyanka mehrotra
    10:54 19 Nov 19
    Today I would like to share my dieting experience with one of my favourite motivational quote which says that the best... way not to feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Before taking my dieting plan my weight was 67 and I used to look so fatty.i always had a wish to look good and try different western dresses But due to my weight i hesitate to try different dresses and also not feel confident from inside. But after taking the diet plan from one of my favourite dietician ,i.e priyanka khandelwal I found a drastic change in my over all health I am happy to report that under her guidance i am not only able to reduce my weight but also find myself healthy too. The best part of her diet plan is that one need not skip any meal 8 small meal per day can do wonders in one life, if they dedicatedly follow whatever will be instructed by her. I have reduced around 10 kg under her guidance and support and from last 1 year without skipping any meal. I have also used omega3 capsules and also tries keva drops , and vitamin b tablets suggested by her and it actually did wonder in my body. Thank youread more
    kartavya atri
    kartavya atri
    15:51 21 Aug 19
    Priyanka conducts Nutrition workshops for our corporate clients in Gurgaon. Her way of carrying out activities pre and... post sessions is thoroughly engaging. Highly recommended.read more
    amit das
    amit das
    10:05 29 Jan 19
    Good range services offered by this Clinic. Experienced professional help for age groups at pretty affordable price.... Good advise on combination use of nutrition products to experience healthy and energetic lifestyle.read more
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