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Diet Nugget / Tips

? A daily shot of SUPERFOOD for your family - CHIA SEEDS


Provides best of nutrients like proteins, fiber, omega 3, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, high antioxidants


All of this in just 2 spoons a day
Soak it overnight and add to your water for a detox water, add to curd's, add it to your roti's for the lovely crunch in them


Helps with fat loss, diabetes, thyroid, menopause symptoms, supports female health, heart health, arthritis and the best is improves your immunity.....

? Can be given to Kids as well

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Jaggery – Natural un-processed  Sweetener

Jaggery - Natural un-processed  Sweetener 

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Jaggery (English) or Gur (Hindi, North India) as commonly known in India is a natural un-processed ' sweetener '. It has enormous medicinal value that boosts up overall health benefits which are unbeatable. Jaggery production is quite simple yet an interesting one as it is processed in only 3 basic steps. It is prepared from sugarcane juice which is extracted and then set in one of the containers to allow residue to settle down. This juice is then boiled for a long duration and then transferred in moulds to solidify. This wondrous 'nature sugar' is a great substitute sugar in various recipes of drinks and cuisine.

Jaggery or Gur has high traditional and cultural importance in Indian food culture. Jaggery is prepared meticulously and thus serves as one of the essential ingredients in some of the very famous traditional Indian sweet delicacies like “Ariselu” from South India. The sweetness of this delicacy entirely depends on the quality of jaggery, interesting isn’t it ?

Ayurveda has an important emphasis on usage of jaggery in its medicine preparation due to medicinal properties and also as medicinal sweetner. To name few of the Ayurvedic medicines like Asav and Arishta,Ashokarishta, Dashmoolarhita and Panchasav etc has jaggery as one the essential ingredient in it.

Few commonly used home remedies are mixture of liquified jaggery and ginger powder which is beneficial for hiccups and mixture of betel leaf juice with liquified jaggery to cure cold.

The important benefits of Jaggery include :
1. Acts as a natural blood purifier
2. Increases hemoglobin count
3. Gluten free, Low in fat
4. Healthy sweetener option and, provide good amounts of minerals
5. Helps to relief in constipation, boosts energy, and counters unexplainable acidity in body
6. Loaded with antioxidants
7. Contains healthy amounts of zinc and selenium that boost immunity, its good for cancer patients as conventional treatments deplete zinc and selenium in patients
8. Good digestive agent- activates digestive enzymes and functions like acetic acid in the stomach, thus speeding up and aiding the digestion process
9. Very rich in calcium and a perfect alternative for white sugar

It is advised to avoid Jaggery after consumption of sea food and fish as it could lead adverse reaction causing skin health issues.

Jaggery varieties :
• Sugar cane jaggery – Golden brown to dark brown colour
• Palm / Date Palm Jaggery – black like dark chocolate colour

Benefits  of  Date Palm jaggery
• Its very sweet with typical caramel aroma and colour like dark chocolate
• Date palm/ palm jaggery contains ascorbic acid, and certain B vitamins among other micro and macro nutrients unlike sugarcane
• Its one of the natural source of vitamin B12
• Rich in iron, magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Phosphorous
• Acts as a cleansing agent for our body
• It speeds up the process of digestion. Jaggery powder is used since ancient times to treat problems such as dry cough, common cold, asthma
• This natural sweetner aids in weight loss
• Its ready to serve/ eat and should be stored in airtight container

Jaggery is a good alternative to refined sugar as a natural sweetener for daily beverages like in Tea/Coffee/Milk/On Chapatti / Instead of Sugar .

So Kick your white sugar addiction and switch to Jaggery for a better health for yourself and family


Ariselu is a traditional sweet of South India prepared for Makara Sankranthi. It is also prepared for weddings. There are three of variants in Ariselu.
1. Soft Nethi Ariselu: When prepared with only ghee, known as "Nethi Ariselu", these are soft and very tasty.
2. Semi Crispy Ariselu: Using oil and ghee in equal proportions gives a crispy outer layer and a soft inner layer.
3. Crispy Ariselu: When prepared with only oil, Ariselu are the most crispy.


Summary of Breast Cancer series

Summary of Breast Cancer series

Today as we end the breast cancer series these are the take-home message for all.

I would like to suggest some safe use options to support your and family’s general wellness:

• Super drinks - easy to make in homestay tuned on FB page for recipes
• Organic supplements – high quality, result and performance giving

These options will optimize the body systems environment and, help elevate you towards good health. To cover up the loop of information shared in this blog series ranging from increasing awareness, lifestyle, and diet changes I’m sure it will help understand breast cancer prevention.

Most easy & important thing to do for females to make their health better & be away from this deadly disease i.e breast cancer is to include 30 mins physical activity daily and wear loose clothing while sleeping example avoid the use of tight-fitting bra and panty as it’s a tacit marketing gimmick by these companies to encourage wearing to maintain shape, but its good to avoid as it helps move body fluids through the lymph nodes which helps to detoxify the body of all toxins when you are at sleep at night.

These crisp tips & tricks will give an umbrella cover for you and your family.

Image Credits - Goggle

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Part 6 of series of Preventive awareness for Breast Cancer


Eat Well to prevent cancer:

As we saw in our series - Cancer is a multi-factorial condition and hence needs a multi-factorial approach in order to be prevented and healed. Successful healing only happens when you back the conventional treatment with a solid nutrition program and lifestyle change. Right from nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress to herbs and natural supplements and spices. So, there is really no fix for breast cancer, but an entire approach towards integrative or preventive healing that has to be adopted.

Apart from taking care of what can cause breast cancer in the first place we should manage chronic acidity, constipation, poor emotional balance, inflammation.
Here are some things that could help specifically to prevent breast cancer:

1. Immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory foods :
Curcumin , pepper , cooked tomatoes , moringa , green tea , black tea , star anise , bitter apricot kernels , castor oil , berries , ginger , omega-3 , nuts , seeds , probiotics
2. Fix important mineral and vitamin deficiencies like :
Minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium, zinc copper, phosphorus, boron
Vitamins: Vitamin D3 (most important), Vitamin A, E, C, B-vitamins,
3. Sulphur rich foods :
Sulphur rich foods contain Indole-3-carbinol which has the capacity to convert bad estrogen into good estrogen e.g. onion , garlic , cauliflower , cabbage , asparagus , broccoli
4. Regular detoxification :
By regularly detoxifying our main eliminatory organs like liver, kidneys, colon, skin, lungs we can reduce the toxic overload of our body and that’s what enables us to heal and prevent breast cancer. A clean liver is also capable of producing Glutathione, which is a master antioxidant.
5. Oxygen :
Our immunity needs oxygen to function at its best. The right amount of oxygen helps maintain an alkaline body.

6. Hydration :
Very important point is to keep yourself well hydrated with drinking sips of water through the day as dehydration can cause altered brain signals which signal us to eat wrong refined and calorie dense food which is detrimental for our immune system and health.

7. Know Your Labels :
It’s important to know that words such as “natural,” “simple,” “pure,” “real,” and “free-range” on food labels don’t have official definitions and their use isn’t regulated. “No hormones or antibiotics added” doesn’t mean they weren’t given to the animal before it was butchered. And “Kosher” doesn’t affect how animals and crops are grown. Look for organically grown or produced food with stickers that show the USDA organic symbol or a price look-up (PLU) code beginning with the #9. These products have been produced and processed according to national organic standards as set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

8. Know Your Packaging :
Buy your food fresh, frozen, dried (beans, seeds), or in bags or glass jars. Limit your use of canned foods and plastics to avoid exposure to the chemicals that can leach out of the container and into your food. Only use plastics with the recycling code #1, 2, 4, and 5, and avoid plastics with recycling codes #3, 6, and 7.


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Alcohol and Breast Cancer

Part 5 of series  of breast cancer 

Alcohol and Breast Cancer

Alcohol is one of a tall stack of risk factors—and it is one that we have control over. That makes it an important breast healthy step you can take.
Many risk factors for breast cancer can be reduced. Of course, there are risks that we can’t change, such as our past, our family history and genetic makeup, and the fact that we’re growing older. But regardless of our past, our bodies have great capacity to forgive, repair, and rebound.
Alcohol can both interfere with the breakdown of estrogen and increase the production of estrogen. It can also make the estrogen receptors inside breast cells more sensitive to estrogen. Longer and greater alcohol use in women produces more harmful effects, leading to a higher risk of breast cancer. In girls, alcohol use is associated with a higher rate of benign breast changes than in girls who don’t drink. Some of these non-cancer changes are linked to a higher risk of breast cancer later in life.

Limit Alcohol Use - The risk of breast cancer increases with the amount of alcohol consumed. It’s best to reduce consumption to 5 or fewer drinks per week. Less is better. All types of alcohol count: wine, beer, and hard liquor like whisky, gin, rum, vodka, tequila etc.. Drinking less also will help you maintain your weight and help body function at its best.

On a lighter note to mention here - as a Clinical practitioner I am being asked Qs like what is a more healthier option to choose from like beer, wine or whisky and, then a portion of chicken, mutton or fish to consume as sides. It’s interesting and I’m amused to face such Qs and I’m also finding answers to these adventurous Qs and let me also know if you find any perfect answers! LoLs :-))

Drinking less alcohol means Lesser chances of Breast cancer ,easier weight management, better cognition, better sleep, greater energy, safer driving, more productivity, better condition for Physical activity, did I also mention that alcohol is famous for interfering with sexual response So be aware!!!! :-))

Make your toasts healthy. If you want to limit or avoid alcohol, there are many delicious choices. Mocktails — drinks that use all the ingredients of cocktails except for the alcohol — are available just about everywhere. Virgin Marys offer the healthy tomato juice of Bloody Marys without the vodka. Cosmonots keep the healthy cranberry juice without the booze. Many online recipe sites have tips for making non-alcoholic drinks. The makers of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and champagne have improved the taste of their products and these, too, are widely available.

Here are some ways to make your beverages Super healthy and tasty without Alcohol

• Freeze your favorite juice in ice tray and use as ice cubes. This looks especially nice in a pint glass of club soda or sparkling water.
• Get creative and make a dramatic mocktail using edible flowers preserved in syrup — you can eat the flower afterward.
• Put fresh organic raspberries or strawberries in the bottom of a champagne flute and top with sparkling water or ginger ale.
• Put chunks of fresh fruit on a drink stirrer and put into a glass of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.
• Use a candy cane or other stick candy as a swizzle stick.
• Rim your glass with colored sugar for sparkling pizzazz
• How to avoid embarrassment in parties – flaunt a bottle of pint all along the party to avoid receiving drink offers and teasers as a non alcoholic

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    Diet planet's products are what I like most. Especially the protein which tastes soooo good!! I m a thyroid patient so... it's much more difficult for me to lose weight though I just wanted to lose 4 kgs only and with Priyanka's guidance I managed to lose almost 2 in one and a half month due to thyroid condition. Her diet plans are great and full of nutrition. And She always takes personal interest in client's progress. Thanks!read more
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    sunaina mamgain
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    The day was passing usual when a call changed it all. I got to know that my mom was diagnosed with Advance Breast... Cancer. With no ifs and buts I packed my bags and came back home from Pune to Moradabad, U.P. ...We went to doctors and got the therapy started. One day my friend told me about the benefits of Diet and thus I consulted Dietician Priyanka for it. The major problem my mom was facing were of the sleepless night. When I discussed it with Dietician Priyanka she suggested me to try detox foot patches. We started using them and my mom now have touch wood sound sleep...Its easy for me to connect, share and get situation sought even on calls.. All I can say is My mom is getting better with each passing day by grace of god, medicines and Dietician Priyanka support. DIET PLANET offers good range of services and proves to be a Good Online Clinic. writer: anonymousread more
    priyanka mehrotra
    priyanka mehrotra
    10:54 19 Nov 19
    Today I would like to share my dieting experience with one of my favourite motivational quote which says that the best... way not to feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Before taking my dieting plan my weight was 67 and I used to look so fatty.i always had a wish to look good and try different western dresses But due to my weight i hesitate to try different dresses and also not feel confident from inside. But after taking the diet plan from one of my favourite dietician ,i.e priyanka khandelwal I found a drastic change in my over all health I am happy to report that under her guidance i am not only able to reduce my weight but also find myself healthy too. The best part of her diet plan is that one need not skip any meal 8 small meal per day can do wonders in one life, if they dedicatedly follow whatever will be instructed by her. I have reduced around 10 kg under her guidance and support and from last 1 year without skipping any meal. I have also used omega3 capsules and also tries keva drops , and vitamin b tablets suggested by her and it actually did wonder in my body. Thank youread more
    kartavya atri
    kartavya atri
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    Priyanka conducts Nutrition workshops for our corporate clients in Gurgaon. Her way of carrying out activities pre and... post sessions is thoroughly engaging. Highly recommended.read more
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