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Our fitness Mantra is - Keeping Good Health is an Asset for Lifetime!

Priyanka Khandelwal is a Dietician and Nutritionist in Gurgaon with a post-graduate degree in Dietetics, certified diabetes educator, and foodservice management with more than 11 years of experience. Dietician Priyanka Khandelwal offers an online diet clinic facility from her Clinic named Diet Planet which helps save time, effort, and money of individual’s looking for online consultation from an expert diet and nutrition professional.

My focus as a Dietician and Wellness Health Coach is always around catering to the balanced nutritional needs of your body while focusing on giving a balanced perspective to you by getting fitter, losing or maintaining a healthy weight, eating better, developing good lifestyle supporting habits, and reducing your stress levels. This will automatically, therefore, lead you towards awesome condition and feeling of Health & Wellbeing called Optimal Health State.

Dietician Priyanka Khandelwal, is an experienced and seasoned Diet, Nutrition, Health, Wellness and Lifestyle expert with more than 11 years of practicing experience with reputed health, wellness, and slimming centers, hospitals and clinics, gymnasiums and fitness clubs with Clients of different gender and age groups, lifestyle, eating habits and pre-existing medical conditions. Academically, I am a Qualified Dietician and also a Qualified Diabetes Educator. (Certified by American Medical Association). I am in the list of Top 10 Specialist Dieticians / Nutritionists in Delhi NCR (India).

My clinic has been helping clients on health concerns and queries like how to lose weight, balanced diet, diet plan for weight loss, sedentary lifestyle diet plan, weight gain diet, weight management diet, PCOS, diet plan for a healthy pregnancy, diet plan for diabetes patients or diabetic educator, therapeutic diet plan for patients, skin, hair, and nails beauty complaints, patient diet plan, children diet plan, diet plan for a malnourished child, diet plan for the obese child, healthy food for kids, healthy diet plan for the family, geriatric or elderly nutrition, immunity increasing diet plans, wellness diet plans, bride and grooms diet plans and many more diet plans to help you figure out your exact requirements. If you are not sure about how to deal with your health issue, I am happy for you to ask any questions here and guide you through the right way.

Through, my collective work experience over the years I have acquired good hands-on experience with practicing in a variety of situations and cases. I have served a large population with many many Clients getting benefited. I feel blessed to serve my Clients, and to help them achieve their desired health goals. In the past I have worked with VLCC (Pune), Air Gym (Pune), ManaShakti Foundation for Child Birth Research (Lonavla), Sitaram Bhartia Multispeciality hospital (New Delhi), and health technology companies Goqii, FirstEat, Equinox, etc..

I have been conducting many Health, Wellness, and Nutrition workshops in Gurgaon and NCR for professional companies like American Express, Goqii, Riico, Linkedin, Decathlon, HCS, Danceworx, etc.

To know more about how things will work for you, share your inquiry through this website or use a call option on the website, and I will get in touch with you soon to discuss more about your case!

I am happy for you to ask any Q's, and help with your desired health goals. Why wait ?? EYE it, TRY it, Diet It ....... Live it 🙂