Weight Loss Diet Program




Don’t think twice. Hundreds of clients have been benefitted from our programs. We offer sustainable weight loss programs in which we carefully craft your diet based upon the following factors –

Your body profile – Includes height, weight, current weight, BCA which includes BMI, Fat %, Muscle Mass, etc
We take into account your health condition ( Hypertension, High cholesterol levels etc), your past experience with the weight loss diets if any
Your Current Dietary Schedule – Timings and the meals
Your Likes and Dislikes in food.
Your Blood type and the Body Shape




We send weekly diet plans through email / WhatsApp and take regular follow-ups.
Our Diet Plans are carefully crafted and are highly customized. By customization, we mean that we take into account your likes, dislikes, and take note of your outings and plan the diet accordingly.
Every day’s diet plan is different. But we keep it simple, so we don’t include the food you normally don’t eat. So, basically you don’t need to buy any special stuff in terms of food.
We give Exercise Plan too. Exercise sheets are very doable and practical. We include exercises that a person can easily do in the comfort of your home.




We don’t include crash diets. As these are unhealthy and the weight loss on such diets is short term and not sustainable
We don’t include the food that isn’t available in your kitchen. So, Sit back and enjoy the diet!
We don’t recommend any supplements. The diet that we provide is natural. We strongly believe that losing weight with artificial supplements is not good as there is limited evidence/lack of research in this field. These may have side effects too.
Even if you will lose weight doing a crash diet or including supplements, then once you come back to your normal dietary pattern ( your staple food, timings, etc), the weight will eventually come back. You need to make it your lifestyle, and that is actually what we do here. OUR PRIORITY is not simply weighted loss, but losing weight in a healthy way.

Live the life you want to live, and enjoy your food. You don’t need to starve yourself to be fitter and healthier. Rather you just need to understand a new way of eating the natural food- MINDFULLY, at proper timings and in proper portions. Heal your body with natural and healthy foods !!!