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Today there's an app for just about anything, whether it's losing weight or anything. There's an Android app that can help. Owning an Android device won't do these are the best Android fitness apps and workout apps. In this “Health App” series of blogs today I share with you the Part-1 in series. I will be suggesting you free Android app for Drinking optimal amount of water which is very important for vital physiological running of the body & its functions. Here are some Qs to ask to yourself honestly- - Do I drink enough water? - Do I always forget to drink water regularly? First let me share with you some importance of the Key Diet Component - WATER in the body which will help you to keep yourself motivated to have drink optimal amount of water in this scorching summer heat!! Human Body's Major Component - Water On an average, the body of an adult human being contains 60% water. Most of the water in the human body is contained inside our cells. In fact, our billions of cells must have water to live. The total amount of water in our body is found in three main locations: · Within our cells (two-thirds of the water), · In the space between our cells and · In our blood (one-third of the water). For example, a 70-kg man is made up of about 42L of total water. Actually, the amount of water a body contains varies according to certain contexts: · The body of a newborn is composed of more water (75%) than that of an elderly person (50%). · The more muscular a body is, the more water it contains. · Conversely, the more fat in the body, the less water the body contains as body fat has little water. Also, all our vital organs contain different amounts of water: the brain, the lungs, the heart, the liver and the kidneys contain a large quantity of water between 65 to 85% depending on the organ, while bones contain less water (but still 31%!). Dehydration is a Common Problem Based on clinical trials on adults, scientists have identified that dehydration has an impact on Physical and Mental performance. Consequences of mild dehydration (a loss of 1-2% of body weight) include: · Thirst, · Tiredness, · Headaches and · Decrease in alertness, concentration and memory · Loss of endurance and sport skills. Staying Hydrated is the key! Dehydration can be avoided by drinking the recommended daily amount of water. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink, When we feel thirsty, dehydration has already set into a certain degree. So, everyone should drink regularly throughout the day, before they even feel thirsty. Prioritize WATER ! Water has no calories and, is to be privileged as the first source of hydration when you want to manage your weight as among public health issues, obesity is soaring. Drinking water is a simple solution to manage daily calorie intake. Combined with physical activity, drinking water would also help to increase fat oxidation. It will also help keep your Hair, Skin & Nails healthy, glowing & beautiful. When you drink more water your eyes wouldn't get pain when you work continuously sitting before PC or laptop. This is why water should be considered as the primary source of hydration. From the above mentioned FACTS , Water is quite essential for your body and have been suggested that a normal human being should drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water daily. The rules stays intact but we human forgets to meet the minimum requirements and our near or dear ones pressure us to drink more water. Are you among those who constant can't make it 8 - 10 glasses per day? Here's the simple, quick and affordable way of increasing your water intake through you very best friend your CELL PHONE!!! Yes, rightly understood its the free Android App Now, I think you might not forget to meet those requirements as here's available the Android application which will always stay close by you thereby reminding you from time to time. This App reminds you to drink water every day and with timed intervals and tracks your Water Drinking Habits. You only need to enter your current weight and this App and, it will help you to determine how much water your body needs everyday. When you have finished drinking a cup of water, you will need to add a cup in the App. Your next cup will be remained. Benefits of drinking water: o You stay in shape, As it's calorie free o You can clear up your skin o You keep your skin and nails healthy Features include: o Cozy reminders that will remind you the water you need to drink in the rest of the day o Quantities are displayed in customized cup and Imperial (oz) or Metric (ml) units o Customized starting and ending time to drink water within a day o Graph and logs of date record Stay healthy and drink enough water !!! “Water Your Body App” is a reminder for you to drink the water every day and track your habits. The more you drink water, the healthier you get and your Skin and Fitness would be at best. The application is interesting straightaway as you install and run it for the first time as the cozy pouring water sounds comes out when you launch it. Interesting and I liked it. You will also love it, get set and install it... For all those reasons, Water is Life.
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Here's the health tips to reduce body fat which you cannot avoid. Click on to read what might be the most influential changes in your day ! 10 LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO REDUCE BODY FAT · Try to be off from white (refined) sugars as much as you can- switch to healthy choice like organic stevia, honey, sugarcane sugar (non refined types), brown sugar, coconut palm sugar. · Be aware and consume range of Healthy Fats – a balance is always required between having Ghee/physically or cold pressed oil like coconut, Soybean, Groundnut, Mustard etc ……You can also use different types of Omega nutrition rich seeds available like Pumpkin, til/sesame, flax, sunflower, watermelon, Chia seeds. But not olive oil for sure for daily Indian cooking as it is doing any good to your body….. Olive oil is meant to use as spread over the Salads · Reduce on refined white carbs (maida) or junk food – Try to have whole grains in the form of missi roti atta, sprouts, freshly baked multi grain breads, make homemade multi grain pizza base. Trust, nothing can be better than traditional chakki fresh atta from your neighborhood chakki. · 3-5 lt of water daily has to be consumed as our body is 80% water and all processes in the body require water and fat burning too…….it helps in detoxification as well , it could be through plain water, detox waters, buttermilk, Lemon water, coconut water , sattu. Plain water consumption maintained at room temperature is a good thing you can do with your body. · Most importantly Manage Stress……Try practice Meditation , 10 counts of deep breathing , engage in different variety of some physical activity daily- like play a sport , dance , do your hobbies, or simply washing or cleaning your car once or twice a week. · Have more of fiber in the diet like Green leafy vegetables, Oats, Fruits, whole wheat atta. Trust, fresh or packaged fruit juice doesn’t help much · Increase on lean protein – Milk and milk products for sure to this list and in NON veg – Eggs /Chicken/fish no mutton and for vegetarian options it could be soy, spirulina, dals, Green leafy vegetables, Sprouts, Sattu, All nutritional seeds like chia seeds etc… · Move your body – try to achieve 10 Thousand steps a day apart from your physical activity ….Get up from your seat every 2 hrs, leave for a walk to the washroom or to talk to a person or to sip some water or while taking on the phone or just take a meeting in standing position is it a great indirect way to develop habit of changing postures …. :-) · Start your day with plain water or lemon honey water or a vegetable juice or spirulina water to see more of fat burning through the day. Rinse your mouth in plain water and drink it, trust me you will get all good bacteria going in stomach to help maintain good digestive health. · Last but the best one “LOVE THE BODY YOU HAVE WHILE YOU ARE WORKING FOR THE ONE YOU WISH YOU WANT”. You just don’t complete your day’s work you complete your balanced nutrition plate also. I am happy to help answer any Q’s you may have to lead a Healthy Lifestyle!!! I like to be poked on my Clinic fb page J Diet Planet offers a Total Fitness Program to help you achieve the desired health goals by Online and Face 2 Face consultation modes.
THE MILK TEA CULTURE & HABBITS You know our kitchen is like a Science Laboratory, great experimentation since ages has delivered great recipes. In one of the greatest recipe experiments once a person added milk to tea, and the recipe resulted in exceptional experience and accepted well by many culture and people globally. The recipe became even more wonder full in enhancing taste and experience when milk, tea, sugar, cardamom (green elaichi), ginger etc... Were boiled together. But sadly the health benefits value of tea came down immensely. This recipe method always ticks my mind and today I am taking an effort to share you some valuable and deeper insights on the less known topic of “The Milk Tea Culture and Habbits”. So, I am going to answer all the Why and How on the Milk Tea habbit here. After your milk tea is prepared by boiling in pan, and sifting it in cups to serve you must have noticed the left over pan becomes very sticky with dried layers of the left over tea. Cleaning this pan requires a lot of vigorous efforts and soap and water to make it shining and gleaming clean. Now just think how this sticks inside in your body in intestines and thus brings down the intestinal performance. Sadly this brings down performance and function of intestinal pathway which causes intestinal walls and brushes getting closed and not able to secrete digestive juices properly and also not able to extract micro and macro nutrients from flowing semisolid food and helping it brushing and pushing the food forward. Thus digestion process slows and lengthening of process is happening. As a result this triggers start of indigestion, acidity, and bloated stomach stressed and overloaded stomach bladder and after some weeks, months you notice visible physical indicators like continuous or long belching, high acidity, heart burn, acid reflux till throat. For some this causes weight loss and for many progressing towards obesity. Meantime you start Doctor Consultation but being on medicine therapy with continuing milk tea habbit doesn’t help much. And, once you are off medicines the improved health condition is again washed out. This creates a continues and regular psychological burden of living in stress with troubled stomach health and slowly becomes a way of life, with a person understanding that this health issue can’t be helped much. The Milk Tea facts can also be understood by traditional Ayurveda wisdom and Modern Science study based connections: Ayurveda Connection – In Ayurveda every substance and food product is divided by their properties of Prakuruti of three basic natures that is Vata (Air +Space), Pitta (Fire+Water) and Kapha (Earth+water). In simple terms the milk and tea are not compatible in supporting each other to add nutrient in value and thus causes severe imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is like milk and lemon not being compatible to add in each other, as you know the milk will sour. Thus, its recommended tea is good to be consumed by simply gently dipping tea leaves in hot water, straining the solution and adding a tea spoon of honey for sweet taste when its mild hot or cold. Adding drops lemon juice is also good for taste and health. Modern Science Connection - Many science research and human clinical trials have revealed the facts and figures to support that adding milk to tea wipes out major health benefits of Tea like- Tea leaves are rich in flavonoids called as “Catechins”, which have very good effect on heart health. While milk is rich in group of proteins called as “Casein”. Thus when you add milk to tea, the concentration of catechins decreases drastically thus doing no good on supporting heart health and thus reducing nutrient value of the Milk Tea recipe. Black Tea causes dilation of brachial artery thus giving good relaxation effect at biological level, while Milk tea prevents this biological effect. Drinking any tea be it the black, green or milk with meals or soon after meals causes decrease in absorption of iron from food and thus causing iron deficiency in blood over a period of time . Dietician Recommendation – Understanding the right Tea habbits and lifestyle modification would help people to learn the right way and prevent themselves from short and long term diseases. There are many healthy tea options to try like black tea, lemon honey black tea, green tea, Tulsi blend tea, chamomile tea, jasmine tea, mushroom added black tea. There are many famous brands offering wide range of quality tea products like DXN, Organic India from fab India house. Or simply buy tea leaves and extract them in hot water. But is ok to enjoy your Milk Tea sometimes and do a treat to your taste buds. I wish the readers best of “Health and Happiness”. If you like this blog share it with your family, friends and known to’s. I am happy to help answer any Q’s you may have to lead a Healthy Lifestyle!!! I like to be poked on my Clinic fb page Diet Planet offers a Total Fitness Program to help you achieve the desired health goals by Online and Face 2 Face consultation modes.
Find ⚖ Balance Finding balance is an important aspect of your overall well being. Challenges are present in everyone's day to day lives. Maintaining a healthy life balance is essential to overall happiness and well being. Learn how to create +ve habbits and make small adjustments to create more equilibrium in your everyday routine. "Balance (in your work, life, stress and health) is not something you find .....Its something you create......"(with good lifestyle and healthy eating habbits ) Priyankan Khandelwa's Diet Planet online Diet & Health Coach will help you do that with no added stress and extra adjustment to daily routine . I am happy to help answer any Q’s you may have to lead a Healthy Lifestyle!!! I like to be poked on my Clinic fb page  Diet Planet offers a Total Fitness Program to help you achieve the desired health goals by Online and Face 2 Face consultation modes.